A Project to Preserve Classic Worship Music from the Golden Era of Harvestime Worship Music


Aiming towards the production of Digitised tracks of the music from all these tapes and more!

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The aim of this project is to preserve for posterity the classic worship from the Harvestime era.

During the Charismatic Movement, the Church has seen a vast resurgence of beautiful worship music, which was both intimate and easy to sing.

From simple choruses to major new hymns, ordinary people with a love for Jesus Christ began to write anointed music for their congregations to use in their worship.

From the late 1970's to the mid-1980's, one of the Church's principal sources of this new, living music was the Harvestime organisation based in Bradford in the North of England. Growing from the 'Church House' congregation and the 'Restoration Movement', Harvestime was the publisher of many classic live worship tapes. These fell broadly into two main categories: live worship from the Dales Bible Week, an annual gathering of Christians at the Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK; and live worship from 'Special Praise Gathering' events. These latter were generally recorded at the Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, USA.

For many years, roughly until the advent of the 'Hosanna' music organisation, these tapes were the best source of Charismatic worship music for use in personal devotional worship. They were also an excellent source of new and fresh songs for congregational worship for those outside the Restoration Movement.

Indeed, in my opinion, the vitality, freshness and genuine worship heard on these tapes has never been equalled or surpassed in any recordings since. These tapes obviously received very little post-production processing; there is microphone feedback, there are people coughing gently in the background, there is spontaneous whispered prayer and praise. Contrast this with today's modern sterile, clinical, perfectly-mixed 'live worship' CDs and you will know what I mean. This worship is raw, gritty, down-to-earth; it's real and it's absolutely brilliant. Plus it brings back some great memories!

When you listen to the Dales tapes, you really can imagine yourself in the giant cattle shed in Harrogate, in the company of the Lord and of eight thousand other worshippers. You can imagine such spiritual giants as Bryn Jones and Arthur Wallis up there on the platform, and the worship band at the front. I was there in August 1983, when John Daniel Lawtum came forward to the microphone to sing his 'prophetic solo' as recorded on 'Sing Praises unto God'. God's promises in that solo are just as relevant today as they were then. Was that the year when they had complaints from the locals about the music continuing into the small hours, when in fact the main meeting had stopped long before? We all thought it was the angels continuing in worship.....

It is the purpose of this site to make this music available to the Church, as mp3 tracks made from the original tapes. To see which tapes I am working on at present, and which are already available for download, use the 'The Tapes' button on the left of this page, or click this link.

Also if you have any Harvestime tapes not listed on this site, and you would like me to digitise for you or perhaps that you could loan, donate to the project or sell to me, please take a look at the page How You can Help.